Shadow of the Rougarou

Shadow of the Rougarou

You were warned not to wander away from the community fire at night. You were told to listen for the sounds you hear from deep within the woods. Pay attention because an ancient evil awaits.

What is the Rougarou?

The original story of the Rougarou sits in mystery, much like the cryptid itself. Rougarou is a Michif interpretation of the French name for a werewolf, a loup-garou. Some Métis lore tells a story similar to French werewolf stories, whereas others skim similarities to the Algonquian Wendigo or Cree Witiko. Like the European werewolf, some say a person is turned into a Rougarou by being bitten by one. Other legends lead us to believe that the curse of the Rougarou is put upon those who commit cannibalism or act with greed. Although riddled in secrecy, one thing all these legends have in common is a man-eating cryptid who serves as a morality lesson for those who require punishment for bad behaviour.

Once inflicted with the curse, a slow, creeping infection takes over its host. First, it starts with an increased appetite and a deep cough. Then, an intense and maddening desire to feed on blood and flesh consumes the host’s mind, transforming them into the madness of the Rougarou. Once the host gives into the Rougarou’s craving for human flesh, the transformation is complete, and the host loses its human appearance.

The Story


In 1885, strong unease rumbles within the District of Saskatchewan. Metis-Cree fur trapper sâkowêw is called to journey home to find recruits for the upcoming North-West Rebellion. On her way home, sâkowêw is ambushed by a hostile group of American wolf hunters and a deadly, mysterious shadow that follows them. Facing her darkest fears and the unknown that hides in the thick forest, sâkowêw must make her way home.

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